"SD17 is the rebirth of a dream once thought dead."


- Tim H. -

Tim 69.jpeg

SD17 is the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Tim Haverman. After taking a break from the music scene for what seems and was many years, Tim is back with a new project, and has found some incredible international talent to help bring the music to life once again.

A $20 dollar guitar and amp from a garage sale was all it took to get the musical journey started. With early influences from Elvis to AC/DC,  music was forever going to be a major part of his life. A seven-year detour in the military after high school delayed the band idea for a while, but in the early 90s the first band was formed. Life happens, bands break up, other priorities arise, but now it time to get back at it.

Vocals - Nyx


Featured Vocals:
Angela Di Vincenzo - Black Last Page and Last Door to Forever

Bass - Brian Barton

Paul Simmons
Samual Python