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"SD17 is the rebirth of a dream once thought dead."


- Tim H. -

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SD17 is the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Tim Haverman. After taking a break from the music scene for what seems and was many years, Tim is back with a new band, and has found some incredible talent to help bring the music to life once again.

A $20 dollar guitar and amp from a garage sale was all it took to get the musical journey started. With early influences from Elvis to AC/DC,  music was forever going to be a major part of his life. A seven-year detour in the military after high school delayed the band idea for a while, but in the early 90s the first band was formed. Life happens, bands break up, other priorities arise, but now it's time to get back at it.

Tim Haverman - Guitars


Mike Solma - Drums

Mike started playing in the early 80s and was giggin’ in bars by the age of 15. He has never looked back since then. Having grown up in Minnesota, he toured with a regional band that played all the Midwest states. The perseverance paid off and he got the opportunity to tour with Bret Michaels (solo) of Poison. This led to a multi-year extensive traveling schedule by air and tour bus, playing well over 200 shows per year in the US and internationally. With Bret, he was the drum tech/percussionist/backup drummer and stage/security manager. “I wore a lot of hats when on tour”, stated Mike.

Mick Townsend - Bass

Mick brings his stage presence and energy to SD17 live performances. He has been a fixture in the Southwest music scene since the 80s and continues to set the bar high for performances.

Lanny Garcia - Guitars

Lanny picked up a Fender Squier and performed live for the first time in the late 80s, and was hooked. As a songwriter he has a special relationship with music that has never let him down. "I have performed mainly in the Southwest and am honored to play with this group of talented musicians".

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